About us

Lenka and Kubo from High Tatras, Slovakia. Couple who enjoys outdoor a lot and recently we fell in love with long distance hiking. In 2017 we through hiked Te Araroa (South Island) and Via Dinarica. The idea of continuous hike through mountains is very appealing to us and we can't stop thinking about new challenges. What will be next? We still have plans for Pyrenees or not yet developed Trans Caucasian trail? Or we might hike our Slovak trail Cesta hrdinov SNP. Or? 2017 is our year off the work, so we feel we should utilize it at its best.

We are neither ultra fast nor ultra light hikers. But they are a great inspiration for us. We are happy we managed to decrease our backpack weights and changed from heavy boots to trail runners. We hike because we like it.

This is my first attempt to publish trail notes and I will have to catch up with two hikes - Via Dinarica and Te Araroa. Going forward I would love to write and publish on the go, so be patient, the content will grow.

"Slanina s čokoládou" translates as "Bacon with chocolate" and those are two essentials for our every hike. Yes, we struggled a lot in New Zealand, I am sorry, but bacon in Europe looks and tastes much better!