Pyreneje - Haute Route Pyrenees

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Will we be able to set up on 3rd long hike this year? Summer is over, but autumn usually offers stable weather in mountains. Either nice or awful. We already had some plans for Pyrenees, last year we started hiking HRP (Haute Route Pyrenees) from east to west, so now would be good opportunity to finish it. Re-join trail in Andorra and continue till Atlantic, or until the snow makes it too dangerous. So we bought one way tickets to Barcelona for 14th September and started the preparation. How? Countless hours sitting at computer, researching information, maps, guides,...

 HRP is more a concept than marked trail and there are way too many alternatives. Main idea is to stick to the highest route possible, either on French or Spanish side. While two other paths, GR10 and GR11 stay purely in France or Spain retrospectively and hence use lower routes and passes. We will be probably combining the best of each or choosing the safest trail in case of bad weather.

This time it will be again only me and Jakub, as Katka has had enough of us (she had to go back to work).

I found great app Polarsteps and would like to update it on the go, see below or follow the link.